TOMI Putting Analysis

Putting is the most diverse aspect of the game of golf.  There are literally hundreds of ways to roll the ball into the hole when you think of all the different grips, stroke types, lengths of putter, and putter head designs.  This part of the game is very important to our overall success, since you will use your putter more times than any other club in your bag. Think about it this way, this is the easiest part of your game to mimic a PGA/LPGA Touring professional and this part of the game is contributing up to 40% of your score.

This is why one of the most valuable tools in putting instruction is a putting analysis system.  By taking a closer look at the eight different parameters that the TOMI system can measure we can take a closer look at what is really happening in your putting stroke.  Click on the following image to get a better understanding of the information to be gained from this software.

tomi 2

TOMI measures eight parameters:

  1. Alignment at Address
  2. Alignment at Impact
  3. Direction of Path
  4. Overall Tracking on Path
  5. Shaft Angle at Impact
  6. Centeredness of Contact
  7. Speed
  8. Tempo

To see more on the technology of TOMI, take a look at  Please contact me with question or interest in putting instruction.

Putting Instructional Program


  • TOMI analysis at the beginning and end of all sessions
  • Video Analysis of Putting Stroke and Setup
  • Speed Control Drills
  • Face Alignment Drills
  • Loft, Lie, Length, and Weight recommendations
  • Green Reading Techniques (Summer Months)