TECHNOLOGY: V1 Golf, plus iPad

Recent technology is the greatest addition to golf instruction since the golf instructional book, which was in 1857 and the book, entitled “A Keen Hand”, written by H.B. Farnie.  Since the time of, “watch how I do it” instruction we have progressed to a point of video analysis software and easy to access displays mediums, this article will cover the forms of technology that I integrate into my daily instruction.


The company V1 Golf has revolutionized the video analysis software industry with multiple sports taking hold of the technology, golf being their leader.  This software allows me to take high-resolution video images of a student’s full swing, pitch swing, and putting stroke from many angles for analysis.  As an instructor the V1 software can be a valuable tool, because if you are not seeing slow motion video you are teaching solely off of ball flight. New independent studies are proving that the traditional ball flight laws may not completely encompass the total possibilities of ball flight in relation to path and clubface.

This is where V1 Golf falls into place.  The following example will show you a small change in golf swing, but one that is almost too difficult to see without video.  Most changes alter the solidness of contact, the shape of the shot, or the trajectory.  This change altered the ball flight from a small fade to a slight draw ball flight.  Click the image to enlarge.



This is a better player and someone who needs very small changes, so video is helpful for me to make significant changes in ball flight with small changes.  Video allows me to focus on the root cause of the problem and not the symptoms, it only improves efficiency.  This does not always mean that the video is necessary for the student or the instructor, but it can be very helpful to the instructor.


Technology has also led us to display mediums and portable devises.  This combination is perfectly implemented with Apple’s iPad.  This type of display coupled with the V1 Golf software will give the highest level of clarity from the driving range to the golf course.  The analysis of your golf swing can be as instant as hitting a ball and 30 seconds later seeing the image on the iPad display, this without even stopping the lesson.  This is where efficiency is at its highest and students can benefit the most with the time they have on range with an instructor.

Images, videos, and swing comparisons can be emailed directly to the student and communication is at a high level.  Students will have the ability to have information online about their golf swing, goals, and progress.  That is the main reason for my website and the learning tool that it can be for students.   This gives us the ability, as instructor and students, to work towards one common goal and accomplish on goal at a time.