Swing Guru




I recently purchased the SwingGuru Pro system to help players train over the winter and help make lasting changes in their golf swing and biomechanical sequence.  Swinguru Pro is a wireless and markerless 3D golf swing analysis and training system.  It combines video and real-time 3D full body tracking and visualization with simple and intuitive biomechanical feedback.  This system will assist players in repeating positions in their golf swing consistently over the winter months to help create lasting muscle memory.  The software allows us to preset certain positions in your golf swing and they later allows the player to come back in to practice the same exact positions.  We will also be able to measure the weight distribution of your golf swing to help players transfer their weight efficiently and effectively.


The ability to measure a player’s center of gravity during their swing is a great way to create efficiency in their golf swing.  This will help players understand how to properly load and transition their weight to maximize their clubhead speed.






  1. Automatic swing capture - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Automatic Swing Capture Just let your students swing facing the camera and it will be automatically recorded in 3 dimensions without having to operate the system. Watch Video
  2. Wireless and Makereless - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Wireless & Markerless No markers or bulky equipment needed to be detected or captured allowing users to practice as they play and whenever they’re ready.
  3. Multiple Views - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Multiple Views From a single swing capture our cameras allow 6 different views. It provides video and 3D views in synchronized viewports or side-by-side. 3D views available: face on, down the line, bird’s-eye (top), virtual balance plate. Watch video


  1. Automated visual helpers - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Automated Visual Helpers Visual helpers are automatically drawn on screen, allowing you to focus on your student not on your computer. The usual manual drawing tools are also available. Watch video
  2. Key positions - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Key Positions Learning Record up to 7 ideal student’s 3D golf swing positions, then let him train by matching his ideal positions during progressive stages with live audio and visual feedback. Watch video
  3. Virtual Balance Plate - Swinguru Golf Swing analysis Virtual Balance Plate Dynamic and easy-to understand view of the center of gravity (COG) displacement through the swing. Swinguru Pro provides real-time balance (COG) informations: left/right, up/down, forward/backward. Watch video