IRON PLAY: Shallow Swing Path


When the club falls below the correct plane on the downswing the club travel on  a very shallow angle into impact.  This can cause a poor contact that will be very low on the face of the club, hitting behind the ball, and ultimately a shot that is pushed off-line.  This is more powerful than being too steep, but not as powerful as swinging the club on plane during the downswing.


Notice the teaching shafts or even a clubshaft on the ground about 8″ behind the ball.  This is there to require you to take the club away on a more vertical plan and also to swing on a downswing that is on a more vertical swing plane.  If you still swing a that shallow plane you will hit the teaching sticks.  After working with this aid for a few practice sessions you should notice that you will be taking more divots, ball launching higher, and shot more on-line towards the target.