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Performance Analysis Program (PAP)
Analyzing a player’s golf game can be a challenging task, but necessary for lowering a player’s handicap and creating efficiency in practice sessions.  The need for a baseline and a standard measuring system is needed to create a baseline for each player.  This is where the Performance Analysis Program comes into play, this is a standardized test that will allow the player and student to look at four very important aspects of the players’ golf game.  This is also a tool to use during winter months for tracking your golf game, but players will complete this program year round to assist in tracking their game.  The averaging of your shots over time will give the player and instructor a clear image of the strengths and weaknesses in their game.

PURPOSE:  Lowering the handicaps of players through a standardized analysis program.  This program will assist player and instructor gain a deeper understanding of the players strengths and weaknesses. This will allow student and player to focus their time on the areas in most need and this will help efficiently set the lesson and practice time for the player.

The (PAP) consists of players hitting a variety of golf shots:

20 putts from 4 feet
20 putts from 7 feet
20 putts from 9 feet

10 shots between 50-75
10 shots between 75-100
10 shots between 100-125

10 shots from 125-150
10 shots from 150-175
10 shots from 175-200

20 drives to a 40 yard wide fairway

These shots are all logged and averaged using the GC2 launch monitor to create a score for each aspect of your game.  The leading PGA Tour stat leader in each category is used as a baseline, so the closer to zero you score the better.  Putting is measured on a make or miss basis and wedges and irons are measure the average distance to the pin, and the driver is based on a 40 yard fairway width.

All of the shots are all hit indoors, except for the putting during the summer.  This program should take between 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.  Players should complete the program once per month, preferably between lessons.  After the analysis program is completed the will help point us in the best direction to work on your golf game.

*Example of the putting and wedge analysis program

This program is designed for all handicaps and can benefit players of all abilities.  There is no cost to these sessions, so if you have any questions about the Performance Analysis Program or would like to get started please contact me for more information.



UPDATED: 1.31.13

SCRATCH DIVISION (Indexes 0 – 7)

George Arnold  –  65.9
John Cimaroli  –  78.5


Jack Hedstrom  –  20.9
Jack Hedstrom  –  51
Ethan Schmitt  –  55.9


Peter Hickey  –  184.4
Margaret Hickey  –  187.6


Tim. McGuire  –  202.6
Rick Nelson – 211.3