The Chicago based company Swingbyte released one of the most impressive products the golf training aid market has ever seen during the spring of 2012. This recently formed company is going to change the way we can measure and view the golf swing.  The devise attaches to the shaft of any golf club and measures multiple angles and degrees of rotation during the entire golf swing.  This is something that has never been available to the general public and that has not had a price tag of over $30,000.


This devise measures the following measurements:

Clubhead Speed

Club Loft

Face Angle to Address

Face to Path

Attack Angle

Club Path


Shaft Lean

This is just a few of the measurements that Swingbyte is able to capture.  This product can answer questions about the golf swing that players and instructors knew were facts, but had no way to measure for themselves.  The other great feature of this new technology is that it will illustrate a three dimensional image of the golf swing.

This is a perfect tool for my teaching philosophy, basically meaning that the ball doesn’t know what your body is in space or where it is lined up, so as long as we can get the club to swing correctly based on the target line there is a great change we can get the ball to finish online.  This product has unlimited possibilities in the future and it will be exciting to see how they can enhance the abilities of instruction and training players of all abilities.