Golf Specific Fitness Program

All players have physical limitations that create compensations in their golf games from PGA Tour Player to the weekend golfer.  Without addressing the root flexibility and/or strength issues players are limiting their ability to accomplish technique.

This golf specific fitness program is an encompassing program with a flexibility and strength evaluation, prescribed workout programs, and periodic benchmarking evaluations.  Each student will also have access to the Fitness Library on this website that allows you to have a list of stretches and exercises with images and videos to remind you of the technique.  The following areas are the most common issues for golfers:

  • Flexibility training
  • Stability training
  • Overall Strength
  • Endurance Training

After the fitness assessment and a biomechanical analysis of your golf swing through video we can work on a plan to help you eliminate incorrect body movements through your fitness program.  Eliminating incorrect body movement patterns through creating flexibility and strength will allow you to focus on fundamentals of your golf swing.

So, put some thought into the benefits of a golf fitness program and lets get started retooling your body to make the instructional changes more effective.

Example of Golf Specific Workout Program

Cost: $600

Includes: One Hour Assessment, Five One Hour Workout Sessions, and One Hour Reevaluation Session

First Session (Assessment)

  • Assessment of current injuries and medical limitations
  • Discussion of fitness and golf goals the student would like to achieve
  • Initial full body, 15 step evaluation and assessment of physical limitations
  • Video analysis of the biomechanical movement of your body

Workout Sessions

  • Workouts tailored to the limitations and weaknesses
  • Assisted stretching and exercise demonstration
  • Workout sessions with instructor present to check form and progress


  • Reevaluation and assessment to benchmark progress
  • Workout plan posted online 24/7 access
  • Exercise Library posed online 24/7 access