Golf Fitness

Have you ever wondered why making swing changes are so difficult? You can see the flaws on video and you are intelligent enough to understand the physics that the changes would look and feel like. So, why can’t you simply make your body swing the golf club in a different sequence or on a different plane or recreate that impact position you see on television.

Well, the answer is that every player has different physical limitations that will enviably cause a swing flaw to counter balance what their body will not allow them to achieve. Golf specific fitness and bio-mechanics have become a common term used on the PGA Tour and all competitive college golf teams. Most players are looking for a quick fix or something that will work over night. Well, let me be the first to tell you that over night fixes and quick fix golf instructional articles are a dime a dozen. Finding the root problem of a golf swing, if properly pin pointed, can absolutely help you improve your fullswing and your scorecard. Now, when you are aware of the issues and your body is still not allowing you to consistently execute your “new” golf swing, frustration can sets in. Here in lies the issue. What is causing the swing flaw, lack of execution or physical limitations? I would say a combination of both, but if the physical limitation is not addressed the swing changes will not be as productive as the student or instructor woulexile to see them.

Golf Specific Fitness Program

The Golf Fitness Program will be an encompassing program with a full evaluation, prescribed workout program, and periodic benchmarking evaluations. The following areas are the most common issues for golfers and where most player will need to improve:

Flexibility training

Stability training

Overall Strength

Endurance Training

So, put some thought into the benefits and lets get started retooling your body in the correct areas to make the instructional changes more effective and make the golfswing a natural way your body works.

Example of Golf Specific Workout Program

  • Assessment of current injuries and medical limitations
  • Discussion about fitness level and goals on the player
  • Initial full body, 12 step, evaluation and assessment of physical limitations
  • Initial Workout tailored to the limitations
  • Reevaluation and assessment to benchmark progress
  • Workout plan posted online to 24/7 access