TECHNOLOGY: GC2 Launch Monitor

ForeSight Sports GC2 Launch Monitor is one of the industry leaders in golf ball launch monitor technology.  The release has been very successful with a large number of golf manufactures jumping on board with implementation in their Tour departments and sales representative vans.  What started about 8 years ago with companies trying to measure golf ball characteristic while in flight to maximize distance, has morphed into something quite more.  Granted 95% of players think of launch monitor technology as a tool to maximize distance off the tee, over the past few years instructors have started to analyze alternate information to improve over all player performance.  Knowing your carry distances, total yardages, spin rates, and how far on average you can stop a wedge from a target is crucial information for any level of player looking to reach their goals.  Understanding your game is one of the fastest ways to improvement and having the confidence in  your yardages is a great start to understanding what your abilities will allow you to do on the golf course.

As mentioned earlier, improvement of your wedge game is crucial for all players and even more so for the mid to higher handicapper.  PGA Tour players already have a great short game, but this player has half the wedge shots per round than a 23 handicapper.  The mid-handicapper misses more greens, there for he has a higher percentage of shot from inside 100 yards.  Take a look at the following information collected be the GC2 Monitor on wedge play, you may click the image to enlarger

Notice the information is specifically showing exact averages for carry yardages, spin rates, and total yards of the shots collected.  This is just the basic type of information that can be analyzed, we can also for lower handicaps start to teach trajectory control and release positions.   Seeing trends in ball flight will assist in swing changes and confirming that your hard work is paying off.  Below notice the just one of the images that are available for review.

As mentioned before, understanding your game is the best way to make long-lasting improvements and the analyzing the trends can be the most productive tool to understanding your game.  There are unlimited possibilities for analyzing your game and assisting with your goals. Please contact me with specific questions about how the GC2 Monitor can help your game and what type of program would benefit you’re the most.

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