2012 College Prep Program (Winter Semester)

Purpose:  To assist players is reaching their goals of playing golf at the collegiate level and enhancing their high school golf success.  Creating a practice and learning environment that breeds success through group practice, competitions, instruction, and fitness workout sessions.

Ages: 9th-12th Grades

Cost: $800 per Semester, Monthly $250

Families with Multiple Players:  Reduce each player’s semester cost by $100


  • Winter Semester (January-April)
  • Summer Semester (May-August)
  • Fall Semester (September-December)

Program Includes

  • 2, One and a Half Hour Group Practices per month
  • 2 Hours of Private Instruction/Golf Specific Training Sessions per month (Player’s Choice)
  • Student Profile on www.danielrgray.com where students can keep track of their current swing plans and fitness programs
  • Player Specific Golf Fitness Plan

Areas of Focus

Players in this program should select what they need from the program.  This program is to help players fill in the gaps and gain information about games that they may have questions about.  Each group session will be focused around competing and challenging each other to become better players and the individual time will be focused around whatever area of the game the player and coach see fit. This program is designed to be more flexible to fit the needs of the player and it is up to the player to select where they will spend their individual time. 

  • Full Swing Technique and Practice Drills specific to the player needs
  • Putting Techniques and Practice Drills specific to the player needs
  • Focus on Wedge Play and Short Game Creativity Skills
  • Shot Shape, Yardage Control, and Trajectory Control (All Semesters, Winter on GC2 Launch Monitor)
  • Assistance in Tournament Selection to fit each player
  • Tournament Preparation and Mental Approach
  • Indoor Simulator Competitions (Winter Semester)
  • Assistance with understanding College Golf Team Prospecting and Selection
  • Assistance with Resume for College Golf Coach Interviews

Equipment Used

  • V1 Video Analysis www.v1golf.com
  • GC2 Launch Monitor www.foresightsports.com
  • Tomi  Analysis Putting System www.tomi.com
  • Golf Training Aids specific to player needs

Expectations from Players

  • Respect the other players and instructor
  • Commitment to improving their game through instruction, practice, and playing
  • Compete in non-school organized tournaments

*Students are working out at their own risk, but all methods will be used with caution and in accordance to the student’s physical abilities and goals. All players will also go through a fitness evaluation to determine a base line that will structure their future workouts.

2012 Winter Schedule


Group Practice: Tuesday, 10th (3:30-5:00)

Group Practice: Tuesday, 17th (3:30-5:00)


Group Practice: Tuesday, 7th (3:30-5:00)

Group Practice: Tuesday, 28th (3:30-5:00)


Group Practice: Tuesday, 13th (3:30-5:00)

Group Practice: Tuesday, 27th (3:30-5:00)


Group Practice: Tuesday, 10th (3:30-5:00)

Group Practice: Tuesday, 24th (3:30-5:00)